Kait Collins

Kait is a poet based in Grand Rapids. She was commissioned by City Chapel to write poetry based on the Beatitudes.

And how do you apportion your affections,

when you have seen the trees as they stood still,

the hills as they unfold in the measure of grace?

Empty yourself. Honor the invitation into

this great depth of joy, wisdom as witness

to the sacred and to the ordinary

of human existence―the smell of salt

on the sea, the arch of sun on your back.

Tenderness as an opening―a ripe peach

split at its center, a lesson in becoming

new and awake, as when goldenrod dress

the fields with warm fragility, renewed

with provision each autumn. Buoyed

by the light, an austerity for winter’s darkness

and scarcity takes hold of our collective grip,

and we are reminded again of this divine center

of things into which we must return, an offering

of love into wholeness toward all of the living.