Advent Reflections

For our Advent services at City Chapel, Pastor Anna Radcliffe and Director of Liturgical Arts Garrett Stier responded to traditional liturgies through poem and song


Who am I here?

Her fingers cup together, draw closely to her mouth as she sups

The water cascades down her arm and through the slits in her hands.

He draws water near her at the well. Speaking softly he whispers

About living water. Her head hangs low as he speaks, his eyes

On the top her head.

He reaches one hand toward hers and gently strokes her palm.

As he walks away, her gaze follows him.

She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear,

Grabs her things and walks away.

Where did she go?

-Anna Radcliffe

Come Righteousness, let Justice flow

Fall down, in a stream of Living Water

-Garrett Stier


I watch her draw a finger to her lips - a soft whisper

Draws over the valley, sweeps through the trees, and settles

Over me - heavy as a cloak, it loosens the tight in my chest.

“My glory feels like justice,” you say to me.

And now, I am toes sunk in the sand, the waves crashing against my chest,

Arms wide toward the Mother herself. If this is what it means to put on

God’s splendor I could do it for forever.

“My glory feels like justice,” you say to me.

And now, the peace that follows God’s justice is nestled at the foot of a tree - and there’s a line.

People waiting to dip low to the ground, marked by the soil, and cleansed in the stream -

a stream of endless water.

“My glory feels like justice,” you say to me.

And now, we are walking.

You and me,

And us. The dirt is padded down, others have Been here before.

We reach the doors, your fingers are at your lips.

I open my eyes, to see the sun before me again.

-Anna Radcliffe

O come, come Righteousness

O come, come Peace

O come, come Righteousness

Come, Christ the Lord

-Garrett Stier