We have a name!

After much discernment, a number of google searches, many texts and emails, so many critical conversations, we are so excited to announce - WE HAVE A CHURCH NAME! 

Drumroll please: 

City Chapel Logo.png

Say hello to City Chapel. We are a church of the gospel for the city of Grand Rapids. Last week in our city group (we meet every other Tuesday at our place if you'd like to join) we processed what gospel means to each of us. What did we learn during this conversation? As Christians we assume everyone believes "good news," or "gospel" refers to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

For much of the world, good news actually means something entirely different. It means getting a raise, it means celebrating the birth of a child, it means there's more chocolate milk in the fridge. As a Christian, I've often assumed that I have the corner on the market - for the best news of all. But that is the problem. I assume. 

As City Chapel continues to explore more about our understanding of faith in a context that is increasingly unaware of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to begin to unlearn common assumptions. We need to explore the hearts and the minds of the people around us who might not understand who Jesus Christ actually is. We need to learn how to share our witness and testimony to the work of God's Holy Spirit as God is still relevant and showing up in our lives everyday. Really, we need to learn how to reach toward the supernatural, the work of Christ happening in the world, and tie it to the very reality of the common work place, household, coffeeshop, taco joint, you name it. 

If you're a believer reading this, you can explore what this might mean for you too in your context. How might God be calling you to stretch your understanding of Christ in the world? How might you be called to share the good news of Jesus Christ? If you're not a believer, curious to know who this Jesus person is, or wondering what the point of a church is, or wondering about any number of things Christians might assume you believe, what is good news to you? For Ron and I, we believe that God is working in our lives to draw us into worship everyday, all day. We believe that God is the creator and maker of the universe, desperately in love with the world, and to be a Christian is to be a part of the greatest love story ever told. We believe that good news - the best news - is found in Jesus Christ. This is good news for us.