What is Good News for GR?

This week I want to give a shoutout to our steering team. Because it is composed of wise, humble, smart, and equipped leaders - and I cannot believe we get to work with them. Ron and I continuously are humbled by these people God has brought into our lives to share a greater vision for Grand Rapids. 


During our Tuesday meeting we explored what it might look like to create, what Andy Stanly calls a "uniquely better product." It's hard to think of a church as a product, but in some ways, we're working to apply a similar technique used by marketing folks. How can we bring the greatest amount of people toward wholeness and flourishing? From a Christian perspective, we believe that an intimate relationship with God is the path toward ultimate satisfaction in life.  But how do we begin to show this to people who have never been connected to a church? Or even harder, how to we show this to people who have experienced deep pain from the church? 

So, from a marketing standpoint, this means we need to ask the people of Grand Rapids what they want. If City Chapel is for Grand Rapids, we need to know what Grand Rapids wants and doesn't want.  It's a simple process. But unfortunately, Christians historically, haven't been very good at listening to what people need. 

This week, we'd like to enlist you as a reader. To help us listen to the greatest amount of people, would you both lend us your voice by taking this survey and share this survey with your friends, colleagues, old roommates, neighbors, children, whomever! Whether your a person of faith, or not, we want to hear from you!