Young people are leaders.

*Note, we spent the morning at the Downtown Market. Let's just say, this is Grand Rapids, hidden gem on a Saturday morning. Check it out:

Alright, back to business. This week Ron and I are headed down to Chicago for the Global Leadership Summit. If you haven't tuned in before, the summit isn't solely for pastors - it's a global leadership experience with many of the world's greatest marketplace leaders.  

I've been thinking more and more about good leadership - particularly because Ron and I are trying desperately to figure it out. Sometimes, we feel equipped and strategic. We feel passionate and in control. But other times, leading feels scary and hard. I share all of this to say, there is a significant summit to climb being young leaders.

Often, our energy is flagged as immaturity. Our ability to innovate is seen as impulsive and our creativity is seen as childish. And Ron and I are not the first to express these feelings. All over Facebook, I read stories of frustration - people not getting jobs after college because now they need a masters, or someone else was more qualified, or it just wasn't the right "fit." Church congregations are steadily a place of refuge for young families, but single people, young people, recent graduates have no place to express themselves - aside from the isolating "singles groups"- because married people evidently can't hangout with single people. Oh and the church is also responsible for speed dating? I digress...

For Ron and I, we continue to pray that City Chapel will be a place for people far off from God. But we also hope to be a place of growth and leadership development - for all people of all ages, in all places of life. We believe in both young and seasoned leaders working together toward further development and growth - all in pursuit of God's fullness. We hope to cultivate a place of hospitality and encouragement too; because, if I'm honest, it can be exhausting trying to prove your ability to everyone all the time. 

As you continue to pray for us this week - pray for God's great vision to continuously be before us. Pray that we continue to sharpen our leadership chops and learn new ways to invest and grow better those around us.