Digging Deeper


I've never become close to someone without the opportunity to ask questions. A LOT of questions. That's just the nature of relationship building, you want to know who they are. Nurturing a relationship with Jesus is the same, you have to dig deeper if you want to build a strong relationship. That means, not taking things at face value or accepting things because someone told you what to believe. It requires effort and the discipline to stick with the relationship even when there are doubts. It means sometimes asking God why, because sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Sometimes it means buckling down and searching for answers from your pastor, a counselor, or the Bible.

Over the past few months, City Chapel has enjoyed some quality time at The Downtown Market on Sunday mornings with a smaller group studying the book of Acts. It's been an incredible time of growth, reflection, and asking questions. It's been pretty refreshing, and I believe this is a season we will all miss as we move forward.

My favorite aspect of these intimate mornings has been the opportunity to ask questions about the text. As a group, we are able to ask tough questions because of the trust we have built with each other.

So many times we hear, see, and read things without much thought. Often we are too timid to speak our thoughts due to fear of the reaction. We absorb information without really stopping to comprehend what our brains are processing. What I've come to love about our City Chapel family has been the dedication to dig for meaning from the text and how it can be applied to our lives and our church. There are many times we simply stop and say, "What is the author trying to say?" or "What is the context here?" It's really an example of what our relationship with Jesus should look like. We cannot dig into a deeper relationship with Jesus if we are afraid to do the work.

I'm excited about the family City Chapel has built and will continue to build. What I'm especially looking forward to is the continued pursuit of an engaged community. As a church family, it's important for us to keep pushing each other to strive for a meaningful relationship with Jesus each day. Take time to send a text, grab a coffee, or bring a friend food (nothing brings people together like food!). Let's continue to grow together in our pursuit of Jesus.


- James Gilmore