It's Not Easy Being Green.


As Kermit the frog once shared in a ballad of intense emotion, it’s not easy being green. And I really feel for the guy. He sings about blending in with his green surroundings. He feels ordinary. He blends in. He doesn’t feel like people really see him. But by the end of the song, he realizes that there are, in fact, beautiful things that are green. And maybe, just maybe, if green is all he can be, maybe green isn’t so bad after all.

While Kermit comes around pretty quickly to his positive thinking, that is often not the case for most of us when we feel down, depressed, or anxious. Instead, it’s easier to let the sad, mad, frustrated, overwhelmed emotions overtake us. Instead of recognizing that being green, or having depression, or having anxiety is just an aspect of us at times, we begin to believe that being green is really all we are. It’s a scary place to be. But what’s scarier is its also the reality for so many people in our communities and our larger culture today.

As we near the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to draw our attention to the reality that those dark spaces exist. They are real and raw and so very very difficult for so many people. And if you’re feeling them, I see you. But I also want to draw our attention to the fact that the lies we can sometimes tell ourselves that we’re in this alone or that no one is fighting for us are, in fact, just that--lies. They aren’t true. We aren’t destined to fight alone.

Whatever season you are in, don’t wade through the “green” alone. Check out these three prayers to help calm your anxious heart and remind you just how mighty your Father (and greatest advocate) is.

Pray for Peace

God, when my head is spinning, bring peace. You are the God who calmed the storms and the rushing waters. I know that the crashing waves of my thoughts, emotions, and doubts are no more of a challenge for you.

You are a God of peace. Help me take refuge in your peace. Help me remember that there are things I can not worry away. Give me a peace that calms my soul, even if I don’t have all of the answers and I’m not sure what tomorrow, the next hour, or the next minute will bring. May your peace bring calmness, even if everything still feels so unclear.


Pray for Security

In a world filled with problems that feel way bigger than I even know how to handle, God, bring your shelter. Spread your wings over me and cover me with your security. You are my home and my safe place. Whatever harm or hurt I have experienced in the past to shatter my sense of security, I pray that you will continue to remind me that I am not in this world alone. You are my refuge.


Pray for Strength

Father, replace my worry with perseverance, my doubt with certainty, and my weakness with your strength. You are omnipotent, God. Instead of continuing to live in this pain, remind me that today is a new day. Yesterday has passed away, but today you bring renewal and life and hope. Renew me with your love.


Written by Kelli Gilmore