Ronald Radcliffe, Pastor

I'm a dreamer, game creator, and co-planter, pilot, and pastor of City Chapel. I care deeply about living the gospel everyday. I love to play games, dance with our english shepherd Finley, and have deep conversations that touch on my convictions and faith in Christ. #thisiscitychapel.


Anna Radcliffe, Pastor

I'm a writer, dreamer, and co-planter, pilot and pastor of City Chapel. I love laughing, dreaming about new things to do, and teaching others about Jesus. I am passionate about raising up women as leaders in the church, making space for people who feel marginalized, and most of all walking alongside believers of Jesus Christ. #thisiscitychapel.


Garrett Stier, Director of Liturgical Arts

I'm a drummer, an advocate, and director of all things worship at City Chapel. I'd rather be swimming in the summer, have learned to survive winter by watching '80s movies on repeat, and throughout the year love to invite others into worship with a fresh imagination of what it means to gather with one another. #thisiscitychapel.